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What an absolutely FREEZING end to the winter football season. Congratulations to all our Player of the Week winners, proudly sponsored by Century 21 The Hill District.

  • U11’s – Daniel
  • U10’s – Eric Lim
  • U8 Sharks – the entire team
  • U8 Tigers – entire team
  • U7 Tigers – Gianni Castellan
  • U7 Lions – the entire team
  • U6 Tigers – Xavier Lavulo
  • U6 Lions – Yule Choi

Looks like these football fanatics have had an awesome season in 2017. Friendships have been made and strengthened amongst players and parents, and that’s what our club is all about. Playing Football with your Mates.  

Can I just make a big shout out to our Referees who made our club look so professional throughout the season. I’m sure all the coaches agree that it was awesome to have you at every home game.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday 10th September at the Presentation Day picnic to celebrate the successful season together.

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