Congratulations to all our player of the week winners on the weekend. We had two teams not play with a bye, but the other teams had great games. Big thanks to our Player of the Week sponsors, Century 21 Castle Hill. We appreciate your support. Apologies for the delay in this post.

  • U6 Tigers – Xavier Lavulo
  • U7 Tigers – Tess Gooley
  • U7 Lions – Marcus Antoun
  • U8 Lions – Jet Jackson
  • U8 Sharks – Liam McGovern
  • U11’s – Landen Emmas
  • U7Lions_Marcus Antoun

U11's - Landen Emmas


U6 Tigers Team
U6 Team Tigers

U8 Lions - Jet Jackson

Tess Gooley, U7 Tigers.

U6 Tigers winner Xavier

Liam McGovern, U8 Sharks