Hi everyone, its photos time. GS Imaging Group will be taking photos of teams and individual photos of your player in there SBFC uniform.

When – Saturday 29th July

Where – Eric Mobbs Reserve, Castle Hill

Time – 8am to 11:30am, during morning games. We have 5 home games this day. Both U7 teams and U8 Sharks are playing away games so will need to come to Eric Mobbs before or after there game for photos. See your team manager regarding the time of your photo.

There are 5 packs you can choose from. Just let your manager know what Pack you want to buy, and have correct cash to give them.

Pack A = $32, Pack B = $27, Pack C = $17, Pack D (team photo only) = $17.

Pack E = $17 for sibling photos. This can be added to any of the above packs.