At our SBFC committee meeting last night we finalised teams for the 2018 season. We still need Coaches and Managers for some teams. If you can volunteer this year (even consider sharing a role with another team parent) please let us know ASAP. All teams must have a coach and manager by Thursday 5th April. If your child has a friend who is wanting to join their team, its not too late. Player registrations are open until March 29th.

Our first training session will be on Thursday 5th April with training run from 5pm to 6pm for our U6-U8 teams. Coaches and Managers please arrive at 4:30pm on this first session so we can make sure you have all your gear and have met your team. We will hand out to coaches your kits with balls, cones, etc. Managers will need to collect your bags with first aid kit and player jerseys.

Player Shorts and socks with be available for sale @ $25 for a set. Managers please communicate with your team to coordinate an order per team, so we can have this ready for you on the 5th (please collect money and put in an envelope with your team name).

Under 6 Tigers. Coach – Michael Drogaris. Manager – NEEDED

  1. Zachary Drogaris
  2. Lachlan O’Connor
  3. Daniel Rowe
  4. Georgia Gillogly
  5. Riyaan Thakkar
  6. Sebastian Jeri

Under 6 Lions. Coach – Gaston Pena. Manager – Haj

  1. Madison Pena
  2. Zara Mortlock
  3. Jamie Haj
  4. Cruz Lamata
  5. Michael Mitchell

Under 6 Bears. Coach – NEEDED. Manager – NEEDED

  1. Christopher De Ponte
  2. Nevan Fernando
  3. Eve Lincoln
  4. Benjamin McLaren
  5. Isaac Saad
  6. Georgia Elias

Under 7 Lions – Coach – NEEDED. Manager – NEEDED.

  1. Eliot Dalton
  2. Luca Dalton
  3. Trevor Wang
  4. Martin Gao
  5. Yule Choi

Under 7 Tigers – Coach – Adam Keremelevski. Manager – Lamata

  1. Cooper Keremelevski
  2. Lucas Keremelevski
  3. Xavier Lavulo
  4. Rafael Lamata
  5. Aleksander Puleo

Under 7 Bears. Coach – NEEDED. Manager – NEEDED.

  1. Aiden Tsai
  2. David Kolimar
  3. Samuel Wakim
  4. Jaden Zaiter
  5. James Zeaiter

Under 8 Tigers. (7v7) Coach – Nick Gooley. Manager – Mel Younan

  1. Ashton Allan
  2. Isaac Beshay
  3. Ryder Egan
  4. Tess Gooley
  5. Xander Younan
  6. Sebastian Napoli
  7. Juliana Zaiter
  8. Nicolas Reyna

Under 8 Lions. Coach – Nicholson. Manager – NEEDED

  1. Oscar Nicholson
  2. Jayden Lim
  3. Lucy Saad
  4. Zac Olennick
  5. Marcus Yacoub
  6. Nathan Elias
  7. Hayden Dmello

If you can volunteer to coach or manage your childs’ team, please email Brett Allan ASAP –