Primary teams are all confirmed below. We still need some coaches and managers. If you can volunteer please email Brett Allan at  Training starts officially on Thursday 5th April and will run from 6pm till 7:15pm. Please can all coaches and managers arrive at 5:30pm for this first session so we can hand out Coach Kits and Manager Bags – this will include player jerseys.

Managers can you please coordinate with your team who will want to buy Shorts and Socks @ $25 for the set. They are the same as last years, so players only need them if they are new to the club, or have grown out of last years (or lost them). Please let us know sizes prior to the 5th so we can have them ready for you. And could you please collect the cash and put in an envelope with your team name on it.

Sizes – Shorts 8, 10, 12, 14, 16. Socks = S, M, L, XL.

U9 Pelicans. 7v7. Coach – NEEDED. Manager – Adrienne McGovern

  1. Denzel coutinho
  2. Cooper Dowling
  3. Daniel Giallonardo
  4. Dylan Gibb
  5. David lievano
  6. Paloma Lopez
  7. Liam McGovern
  8. Lucas Ranieri
  9. Jack Robinson
  10. Isaac Van Lijf

U9 Tigers. Coach – Luis Garcia. Manager – Antonino Lalli

  1. Alexander Barone
  2. Will Boxshall
  3. Isaac Frketic
  4. Diego Garcia Behrens
  5. Jet Jackson
  6. Michael Lalli
  7. Jesse Oliver
  8. Oscar Polley
  9. Peter Yacoub
  10. Kevin Le

U11 Pelicans. 9v9. Coach – Ryan Mcgovern. Manager – Steve Emmas

  1. Lucas Campagna
  2. Daniel Egan
  3. Nathan Colaco
  4. Logan Emmas
  5. Joshua Foo
  6. Justin Lim
  7. Angus McGovern
  8. Tyler Smith
  9. Jack Robertson
  10. Gabriel De Ponte


U11 Rabbits. 9v9. Coach – NEEDED.  Manager – NEEDED.

  1. Jacob Elias
  2. Tanisha Khan
  3. Shu-Ying Lee
  4. Ryan Limanoh
  5. Erin Phillips
  6. Isabella Botros
  7. Georgina Kassis
  8. Claudia Homsi
  9. Amy Ballesty
  10. Angelina Zaiter
  11. Christopher Zaiter
  12. Anna Weppner

U12 Lions. Coach – McMahon. Manager – Bernadine Lopez.

  1. Jarratt Allan
  2. Liam Collyer
  3. Landon Emmas
  4. Paul Homsi
  5. Zachary Hughes
  6. Conrad Lopez
  7. Drew Pfeiffer
  8. Toby Reitemann
  9. Daniel Samperi
  10. Nicholas Samperi
  11. Lorenzo Rubelcaba
  12. Thomas Cartwright
  13. Ryan McMahon
  14. Ryan Sukyo

U12 Girls. Sunday Comp. Coach Mafee Lievano. Manager – Joanne Frketic.

  1. Holly Williams
  2. Olivia Boxshall
  3. Marisa Frketic
  4. Victoria Andis
  5. Kaylah Bennett
  6. Jaime Clarke
  7. Matilda Comito
  8. Isabella Franks
  9. Sarah Lievano
  10. Scarlet Proc
  11. Summer Yaftali
  12. Indigo Williams



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