About Wanderers Training Sessions

About Wanderers Training Sessions

Welcome to SBFC 2019 Season.

Returning this season we have the Wanderers running our Training sessions on a Thursday night under the guidelines of the Kickstart Soccer program. Tonight they will be running a Cooperative Inservice for our Team Coaches and Managers.

Introducing our Kickstart Coaches

This year we welcome Damiano Di Francesco and Timothy Robertson. Their focus each Thursday will be to Coach the Coach. They will arrive prior to the session to set up the fields. They will email the nights program to the coaches prior and be available for the coaches 15 minutes prior to answer questions. They will organise rotations and timings between stations. As coaches you will also have access to coaching videos each week – watch the intro to the videos below.

Coaching Video Platform

The Team Coach

As team coach you will be expected to read and print the program prior to the session and review the coaching videos. Please try to arrive 15 minutes prior to the session starting so you can catch up with Damiano and Timothy. During the session please actively organise and keep the team in-line with the session theme and coach the team to the session program.

Wanderers A-League Players visiting.

The added benefits of aligning with the Wanderers … well tonight we’ll have two A-League players dropping by. We are looking forward to meeting these awesome players who are great role models for our kids. The players will be arriving at 5:45pm, so please bring your kids along if they would like to meet Raul and Kosta and get an autograph and a selfie!

Wanderers Defender, Raul Llorente
Raul Llorente, Wanderers Defender
Wanderer Midfielder, Kosta Grozos
Kosta Grozos, Wanderers Midfielder

Registration closes Wednesday

Registration closes Wednesday

Player registration closes on Wednesday 28th March

Last chance to register for the 2018 season. All players must be registered and approved to be able to play on Saturday 7th April. Please make sure you have done the following:

  • Registered on My Football Club website
  • Paid your registration fee
  • If you have used your Active Kids Rebate – your 10 digit number must be sent to sbfcfooty@gmail.com
  • U10-U12 players must have photos uploaded as part of their registration
  • We will be visiting our sponsor Century 21 on Tuesday and they will pull the name out of a hat. The lucky winner will be refunded their registration fee and will be the Sponsored Player for 2018. Make sure you are fully registered for your chance to win.

Team Coaches and Managers

Every team must have a volunteer Coach and Manager. Hills Football require all volunteers complete their “NSW working with children check”. If you have not done this yet, please click through here:- Working With Children Check

On completion you will get an application number that you need to take to the NSW motor registry office where they will check your ID. Once approved please email us your ID number: –   sbfcfooty@gmail.com.

For coaching tips please check out this new page at Hills Football – http://www.hillsfootball.com.au/coaches-corner/ and follow the new facebook page – Hills Football Coach Hub

School Holiday skills clinic

Hills Football holiday skills clinic

If anyone is looking for a school holiday activity this April, check out the 3 day clinics being run by Hills Football at Rouse Hill.

Wanderers Training Session, 6 April 2017

Wanderers Training Session, 6 April 2017

All SBFC Teams are invited to a special Wanderers training session, which we have organised as our first training session for the season.
This Special Showcase Session by the Wanderers will provide guidance for the coaches and Squad Training for the older teams.

Session 1 – 5:006:00pm (please arrive by 4:50pm)
Teams: U/6, U/7, U/8
Program: Cooperative
  • Wanderers Coaches will set-up the session and be ready to run at 5:00pm
  • Volunteer/Parent coaches will run a training session with Wanderers coaches providing guidance, coaching to children and coaches
  • Download the program here – U6U7WK1WK2 (1)

Session 1 – 6:007:00pm (please arrive by 5:45pm)

Teams: U/10 x 1, U/11 x 1
Program: Squad Training
  • Wanderers Coaches will set-up the session and ready to run at 6:00pm
  • Wanderers Coaches will run a training session specially designed for each team
  • Volunteer/Parent coaches are encouraged to assist, though not necessary
  • Download the program here – U8U9WK2